Everything You Need to Know About Top Load vs. Front Load Washing Machines

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When it comes to laundry, the type of appliances you invest in can have a substantial impact on the quality of your clothing and ultimately the cost, space, and electrical layout of your home. With so many different models to consider, it can be confusing to determine which model is the best choice for you and your family. Growing up, most of us became accustomed to top load washers (traditional washer) and believe them to be the more reliable choice but with the right product knowledge you can find various different models that are extremely efficient in what your looking for.


Top Loaders- For shoppers on a budget, top loaders may be the more cost effective choice. Although front loaders utilize less energy and water, it may take a long time to see those savings affect your wallet. Nonetheless, they are still an excellent choice due to their large basket, making them ideal for larger loads and items like sheets, blankets, curtains and tablecloths. Since they don’t utilize an agitator they are also more beneficial in cleaning delicates making them able to clean deeply without affecting the quality of finer materials. Conveniently, if you’re in the market for purchasing a dryer, the matching unit contains a steam function leaving your clothes smooth and wrinkle free.


Front Loaders- In terms of space, front loaders tend to be a better choice for small spaces like apartments. They can be stacked utilizing less room and can be installed flush against small corners and areas in your home. Some people tend to shy away from front loaders, as they typically tend to be the more expensive option. However, they possess several benefits that top loaders do not. Front-loading washers use about 25 gallons of water per load, compared to 40 gallons per load in top-loading machines. Front load washers are considered to be more efficient. Unlike the top loader, front loaders use gravity to pull water through clothes. They also tend to use less detergent making it an optimal choice in saving money. In addition to cutting cost, they require less energy reducing their overall impact on the environment.

With speeds in the front loader almost double the top loader, the wash basket spins faster leaving your clothes with less water once the cycle is done, which saves time on drying – less drying time equals more money in savings for you. And don’t worry about last minute items that need to be added to the wash cycle, because with options like the GE front loader you can pause the wash cycle to add anything in that you need to.

When purchasing any appliance, it’s important that you always read the user manual before attempting to do your first load. Every washing machine is different and there can be many features that require some product knowledge before adjusting your settings. After installation, double check the wiring for any potential hazards and always make sure all vents, coils, and wiring is free from dust and dirt as this could pose as a safety risk in the future. Ultimately, you will be satisfied with whichever model you purchase and both variations are just a matter of personal taste. Happy washing!


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