Why do I need magic pans for induction?

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You might have heard that to use induction, you’ll need special cookware that was forged in the mouth of a volcano and then blessed by an ivory bearded wizard. The common misconception is that for a super technology like induction, you’ll need super pots and pans to match.


In order for induction cooking to work properly, the pans/pots you are using need to have ferrous metal. Most pots and pans will work. Not sure? There’s a simple way to test out your current pots and pans before you take the plunge and purchasing an induction cooktop. Place a magnet to the bottom of the pan/pot. If the magnet attracts, you are good to go! If the magnet does not attract, then a complete new set will run you roughly $100 at Bed Bath & Beyond, and that’s before using their coupon!


Happy cooking!”



Michelle Frankel & Simeon Weisz

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