Thermador induction cooktop Model CIT36XKB installed

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This client was frustrated with her electric cooktop. Her complaints consisted of: water taking too long to boil, the surface constantly scratching when she moved pots from one burner to another, and she was never able to get the temperature low enough to simmer her sauces.

Her cookware continued to become discolored over time.  She could never get to a low enough simmer for her sauce and her pots discolored the burners over time.


When looking at options for new cooktops on the market, our salesperson Danny recommended a Thermador induction cooktop (Model#CIT36XKB).   Induction is as responsive as gas.  It can go from a boil to a simmer on the same burner in an instant. Therefore, it is not necessary to shift cookware around.  The flat surface on an induction cooktop lends itself to easy cleaning.  Induction operates through a magnetic field which interacts with the cookware and not the burner surface.  The surface does not remain hot when the cookware is removed.


Residential induction cooking is revolutionizing the way the home chef choses his/her appliances.

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