The New Digital Age of Household Appliances

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The world as a whole has experienced a monumental shift over the past ten years, deeming us the most technologically advanced society to date. We rely heavily on the use of digital applications to make our jobs easier. We complete tasks faster, better, and with more accuracy. This societal shift has made its impact within every industry on the market and kitchen appliances are no exception. Gone are the days of the trusty Kitchenaid oven with only three settings. Simpler machines have been replaced by coffee makers controlled by your smartphone and refrigerators that can read your text messages. So what are the newest cutting edge products on the market; and are they really as efficient as they claim to be?


Internet Enabled Wall Ovens– $2,500- $7,495


The highest digital intelligence in oven development, the TMIO oven uses NASA space technology and is operated through Internet connectivity or your smartphone.  The built in refrigerator feature can be controlled to keep your food fresh under specific instructions you can control from a remote location.


Does it Work?

Well, yes and no. Most people who’ve purchased these fancy units claim they don’t generally use all the high tech features that come adorned with their new oven. The functionality of the product is satisfactory at best with consumer’s claiming basic features like convection baking become faulty after a few uses. The most popular company to produce these ovens; TMIO has since gone out of business making service requests difficult to comply, if not impossible.


Samsung RF28HMELB Smart Fridge– $2,700

The company responsible for developing the tablet has brought refrigeration to a whole other level by combining everyday appliances with the intelligence of a smartphone. Fully equipped with Pandora, emojis, and a Wi-Fi-enabled LCD screen this machine of the future allows you to watch TV, from your refrigerator. You can answer and receive phone calls at a moments notice and even access all your recipes.


Does it Work?

Samsung products generally have excellent overall reviews and this one is no exception. The convenience of these features alone is enough to justify the cost for most people. The foundation of this fridge is solid, which perhaps is exactly the reason people keep purchasing. In addition to its modern add-ons, the exterior is resistant to dings and scratches. It also has a low defect rate and maintains it’s longevity just like trusty older models.





GE Monogram Wine Vault–  $25,000


This lavish expense is only for serious wine lovers, allowing you to ferment and press your own grapes producing for to five batches of wine per use. The built in cooling system keeps a consistent temperature of 55 degrees at all times. For the money, this rack can house up to 1,000 bottles of wine. If you’re worried about keeping track on your stock, the unit comes with an automated digital inventory and barcode scanner.


Does it Work?

It’s almost entertaining to consider a unit with this price tag may ultimately not wok, but fortunately the design and intelligence that’s been integrated with this appliance makes it one of the highest functioning personal wine sellers. Let’s face it, for the price it very well should be.


Samsung King Size Capacity Front Loader Washing Machine $795-$1,079

Another innovation from the Samsung family, this high tech washer keeps consistent with Samsung’s ultra tech-y reputation boasting 13 different washing cycles and the capacity to wash extra large loads of laundry, cutting your cleaning time in half. Using Samsung VRT Plus technology it claims to be 40% quieter than normal washers. It also uses it’s own built in Self Clean feature which keeps the washer tub fresh by removing dirt and bacteria without the use of harsh unnecessary chemicals.


Does it Work?

The extra large drum makes this washer easily more convenient even without the additional features. The washer is also Energy Star qualified which means it’s efficiency has an overall positive impact on the environment. The warranty on this top-loader isn’t the best, considering how digital the motherboard is. There is a one-year warranty, which is standard for any top-load washer, and a separate 10-year warranty for the motor. Overall, this product has been well received in both the technological and consumer community.


If you’re thinking of investing in one of these pricey machines, just make sure you do the research first. One of the many wonderful accomplishments of the ever-progressing digital era is its ability to impact our lives in an overall positive way, making daily responsibilities easier. The high-tech attributes of these units are definitely worth checking out and if your schedule is as busy as the rest of us, may actually be worth investing in.

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