Classic Kitchen Styles to Inspire Your Next Renovation

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If you’ve grown tired of your current kitchen style, or are simply just looking to change the looking of your home it may be a good idea to consider altering the design of your kitchen. This can be a bit difficult since different atmospheres really define the mood that’ set within your home. Are you a modernized city goer or a classic country recluse? These are common questions that arise when choosing a look for your kitchen that’s vastly different to your current one. Bear in mind that it is possible to mix and match styles to create your own personal variation of these classic looks.



This is a bit of a broad term as contemporary style includes anything indicative of 1940’s style design up until the present. The overall temperment of a classic contemporary design should be clean and uncluttered. To achieve this, most consumers opt for white cabinetry or simple tiling arrangements. Remember that since there’s a multitude of elements to this style, it’s important to incorporate handcrafted detailing like pottery or display decorative serving wear.



Modeled after restaurant style kitchens, the industrial look is reminiscent of a postmodern workstation. The design incorporates materials like stainless steel, raw woods, and metal. Sleekness takes a backseat in terms of backsplash as most consumers opt for rustic brick walls and even chalk paint for a darker, yet still sophisticated look.



These are associated with the typical furnishings of cherry wood and antique detailing intricate moldings are common with this style, creating a warm and homey feel that’s both inviting and refined. If you want a kitchen with old world charm, this design may be worth looking into



In keeping up with the forefront of technology, modern kitchens are becoming an increasingly popular trend with the tech-savvy and minimalistic design crowd. They’re the type of kitchen you’d find in a swanky Upper East Side apartment, but have spread far beyond the skyscrapers of New York City. Both efficient and stylish, the modern kitchen is based on simplicity and functionality. The latest high tech appliances and clean-cut angles define the elements of this layout. It may cost you a hefty price tag, but there’s something to be said when every machine in your kitchen has an LCD screen.






Transport yourself to the French countryside with the sweet and slightly feminine allure with a cottage style kitchen. You’ll hear terms like “shabby chic” thrown around when shopping for this style that refers to the artificially created overworn look of the furniture. Though the pieces may look weathered, the budget is anything but modest with handcrafted pieces ranging into the thousands. On the other side, you can find excellent vintage pieces simply sifting through your local flea market. Complimentary textiles include lace, gingham, and burlap that complete this country look.



Pulling inspiration from old style Italian features and European sophistication, this look creates a mood that will make you want to book your next flight to the Sicilian shoreline just to be surrounded by it’s rustic nature. Like a cottage motif, there’s a bit more leniency concerning design since the appeal of Tuscan design is to be slightly “thrown together.” Don’t let that fool you though; high quality pieces complete this look with rich, vibrant color palettes and solid wood beams.


Be sure to pay special attention to focal points of your kitchen, as these will be the most representative of whatever style you choose. This means countertops, cabinets, and even smaller details like hardware will have a significant impact on the look of your renovation. When it comes to aesthetics it’s all about balance and when you finally achieve the perfect combination of detailing, architecture, and structure; your completed look will always be pleasing.cont cottage

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