European Standard Capacity W3037 Washing Machine

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At the very core of Miele’s mechanical and invention capabilities are washing machines.


Having more knowledge than almost any other appliance company on the planet, Miele has taken the washing machine in Europe, and around the world, to the uppermost level of sturdiness, dependability and convenience while always recalling the products’ possibly negative impact on our cherished natural resources.


At the heart of the matter and with these features in mind, Miele creates the ultimate fabric cleaning system that cares for clothing better than any other.

For generations, Miele washing machines have been known for their thorough yet gentle care of fabrics. With the exceptional concave honeycomb exterior structure, the Miele honeycomb drum forms a fine film of water between the fabrics and the drum wall, which moderately pads your laundry, giving it optimum care.


All Miele washing machines have the sharp-programmed load detection function. Where it matches the mandatory water volume precisely to the load size, using only as much water and energy as mandatory for the finest washing and rinsing results.


The long life span of Miele appliances is well-known. Miele washing machines are designed and tested for 10,000 wash cycles that’s a life span of 18–20 years at an average of 7–10 washes a week! Miele machines also use a minimum amount of detergent, water, and electricity that equals more cost savings.


The European Standard Capacity W3037 Washing Machine is a compact unit a large capacity. It comes preprogrammed with 18 wash cycles giving its users the best options for their wash.


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