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What to Know When Replacing your Refrigerator

What to Know When Replacing your Refrigerator


Whether your current refrigerator just broke or you’re looking to get a newer model with better features, follow these steps from our experts to make the selection process a breeze!

#1 - Sizing up

One of the most overlooked (but critical) aspects to buying a new refrigerator is what size you can fit. Instead of just measuring your current refrigerator, we recommend you measure the opening dimensions of the space it’s installed in.



Knowing these “cut-out dimensions” tells you the ​AVAILABLE​ Space, not just what you have now. Even if the difference between the cabinet opening dimensions and the refrigerator seem close, having even an extra 1⁄2” in the height can make a huge difference in the available models to choose from.










# 2 - Knowing what styles are available

Take a look at our quick view guide below of the different styles that refrigerators come in today.


1) Counter-Depth or Standard Depth?



Counter-Depth refrigerators typically have a 24” deep box, so the only part of the refrigerator sticking out of the cabinet are the doors and handle.


Standard Depth refrigerators can be anywhere from 4”- 8” deeper which means you will see the box of the refrigerator sticking out of the cabinet as well.

Counter-Depth refrigerators are popular because of the ‘near flush’ built-in look they provide. Standard Depth refrigerators are popular because of the bigger capacity they offer by being deeper.


Additional Features to Consider

Once you’ve narrowed down your selection using the criteria mentioned above, the last step is picking out specific features that are available on the many models.


Stainless Steel is still the most popular finish to choose from which means the widest selection will be found in that color. You can also find some models in Black & White though there is far less to choose from.


There are many refrigerators offered which have an external ice & water dispenser on the door. External dispenser’s are great for convenience because you can easily access cubed/crushed ice as well as chilled, filtered water right on the door.

The negative to having an external dispenser is that they take up a lot of space on the inside of the refrigerator section. It is also important to know that external dispensers are known to be the most common part to break on a refrigerator which can results in costly repairs.

Instead of an external dispenser, you will find many brands offer a model that has an internal water dispenser​, with the ice maker in the freezer section.

Internal water dispenser are great because they don’t take up much space, and don’t have nearly as many issues as external dispensers with breaking.

We hope this guide gives you a better idea of what to look for when buying your refrigerator. We didn’t cover every little thing about refrigerators in this article so we invite you to call or come into the store to find out more!