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To Prewash or Not to Prewash, that is the Question

A common standoff in any kitchen household, the dreaded sink full of dishes. More importantly than who is in charge of washing or putting away the dishes, is how you wash the dishes. Should you put them right in the dishwasher, or let that cheesy stained and sticky mess soak before you scrub them and load your machine? While it may be hard to break old habits and change your beliefs, we hope to shed some light on this often divisive question. Today’s appliances are designed and operate much differently than we are used to, but one thing is for sure, they are here to make your life easier. For more than just that reason you do NOT want to be pre-washing your dishes before loading them in your new dishwasher. It’s not being lazy to not soak or prewash your dishes, it’s just smarter.


            You don’t cut your grass before your lawn care company arrives or scrub your tires before visiting the carwash, so why do some of us feel compelled to wash our dishes before loading them in our dishwashers? That answer is simple, past experiences. Your old dishwasher might not have been efficient, and you often found yourself pulling out dishes that are still dirty, but that was your old dishwasher. There are a few new features in dishwashers today that actually prefer your dishes be loaded as dirty as they are when they leave your kitchen table. The only cleaning you should be doing is removing any leftover food still remaining on the plate. Once all the food is scraped into the garbage they can be loaded right in your dishwasher, with no rinsing, soaking or scrubbing required.


            One of the greatest features is how your new dishwasher will be optimal in its usage of water and power. This will lower your water and electric bill, even when using it every day. If saving money on a couple utilities sounds attractive to you, then spending time and water pre-washing will be counter intuitive and undo any possible savings. More importantly than wasting water during this prewash process is something much more important, your time. While it may only take a few minutes to do this, on a daily basis that time can quickly add up over days, weeks, months and years. These extra few minutes you save each day can be spent with your family, or even just unwinding and relaxing sooner after a hard day spent working, preparing & cooking meals and cleaning the rest of your kitchen. Nothing is more valuable then family time and you should be enjoying your newly renovated space, not working harder to maintain it.

            Hundreds of hours are spent by the brands developing, building and testing these appliances to ensure efficiency and satisfaction. Appliance World’s staff is very knowledge and trained on all of the brands we have available for you. This means we are sent throughout the country and get to see how hard these brands are working for you firsthand. When it comes to dishwashers, they use some of the dirtiest dishes you’ve ever seen and even let them sit overnight, not soaking in any water but instead letting this mess dry and crust over. Then we get to see the following day how they are loaded and then removed from the dishwasher without any trace of the previous day’s mess. Designed with sensors to specifically measure how dirty your dishes are, whether it’s a lightly soiled dessert plate or casserole dish covered in sauce and cheese, it’s able to apply the right amount of rinsing and washing to make sure anything comes out clean and ready to be used for a new meal. While you have many modes available to you, the Sensor or Auto function should be used a majority of the time to utilize the best features of your new dishwasher.


            Not only are the dishwashers themselves designed to wash dirtier dishes, but so is the detergent you should be using. Liquid detergents are not preferred in many of today’s dishwashers as they are made from a concentrate and then watered down to make them suitable for usage and may also leave behind a filmy residue. Powdered detergent and pods are the more preferred form of detergent as the water temperature causes them to react better, providing a better clean to all of your dishes. These detergents also perform better when they have enzymes to attach to such as the mess on your plates, mugs, glasses, baking dishes, etc. By pre-washing and removing the debris the detergent will start to wear away the enamel and finish on your dishes, instead leaving behind scratch marks. So, to preserve your time, water, sanity and dishes let that dishwasher do it’s job and well, wash your dishes! For more information and to see what dishwasher and detergent is right for your kitchen contact Appliance World today to speak with one of our helpful team members!