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            Auto-adjusting thermostats, timers on our lights, Google or Amazon assistants and doorbells that can call your phone are all probably things we never knew we needed but are now almost standard in many new and renovated homes. Helping us save energy, keep our homes and families safe while making our lives easier, it’s obvious why smart home features are growing in popularity. The growth and integration of technology has rapidly increased over the last couple of decades and isn’t slowing down. Time is the one thing you can never get back, so making the most of it and finding ways to spend less of it on mundane tasks will always be on the forefront of brands as they develop products for you. Household appliances are used every day so it’s only natural that they follow suit and try to find ways to make life more efficient. And let’s face it, can you even remember what it was like before having a smart phone?


            Appliance brands offer several models and choices no matter what type of appliance you may be purchasing so there are still some standard options available if you aren’t ready to make the final leap in your home. But let’s discuss a few reasons why some smart appliances might be right for you. Virtually any brand of appliance you are looking to purchase will have the choice for a few smart features that are designed with you in mind. Many of us already own smart TVs and it’s almost impossible to find one without some kind of smart feature such as letting you use it as an additional computer monitor, streaming our favorite shows right from the internet or our smartphones or turning off when we fall asleep on the couch; having these features may help with productivity, enjoy our entertainment easier and even save on our electric bill. Without even realizing it smart TVs have made their way into our homes and have options we almost demand today, imagine not being able to stream our favorite shows and trying to watch them on the small screens of your phone or tablet.

            Entertainment isn’t the only way smart appliances can benefit our day to day lives but also with our weekly or daily household chores. I don’t know if anyone truly enjoys having to do laundry, but we enjoy having dirty and smelly clothes and linens even less. By purchasing your washer and dryer with smart features you can be notified on your smartphone when the wash is done and ready to be moved to the dryer or ready to be folded before the wrinkles start to set. This lets you be more efficient with a household full of laundry and making the most of your time while they are running. Not only can they notify you once a cycle is complete, but they can also let you know when there is any issue and in need of repair or service. This information may even be sent to the repair technician before a visit, so they can order and bring the right parts the first time, fixing your washing machine and dryer sooner and in less trips. Our other favorite cleaning machines, your dishwasher, can also come with similar features; informing you of time remaining, when the cycle is complete, possible error codes and a simpler repair process.


            Have you ever asked your significant other to preheat the oven or check how much milk is in the fridge only to come home to them asleep on the couch, a cold oven and almost empty or expired gallon still in the refrigerator door? (Or like me maybe you’ve been the one to only notice those messages as you hear the front door opening) Well imagine being able to set your oven to the right temperature or seeing inside your fridge without having to ask someone to do it for you. With some smart kitchen appliances these things are already possible. By connecting your oven to its’ specifically designed app, preheating your oven is as simple as checking e-mail on your phone or asking your home’s smart assistant what the weather is like today.

Preheating your oven is only one useful feature many ovens boast today. Being able to set timers and not having to hang around your kitchen or using your food thermometer and knowing exactly what temperature your meat is are all possibilities with many of today’s ovens. Forgot to turn the oven off and already snuggled up on the couch? Easily double check and turn off your oven without leaving the warmth and comfort of your blankets. Similar to the cleaning appliances we discussed earlier, when it comes to possible repairs this information can easily be shared costing you less on maintenance visits and getting your appliances working sooner. Many of the apps not only make interacting with your oven or cooktops easier, but they also have great ideas for new recipes and user manuals with current and up to date information.


Your smart appliances can even interact together with today’s technology providing a safer atmosphere in your kitchen. Few of us know or realize we should be turning on our hoods and vents before we even start cooking. By creating a cycle of air prior to cooking it will be more efficient when it comes time to remove heat, odor, gas, grease or smoke from our cooktops. But many of us only remember when the smoke is already filling our kitchen and we have to crank it to the highest setting as it struggles to remove our mishaps. With smart appliances working together your cooktop can automatically notify and turn on your hood when any burner is activated, letting it operate more efficiently making less noise than we are used to.




When it comes to refrigeration you probably wouldn’t think they could add any technology that makes your life easier, but you’d be wrong. While a camera inside your fridge to see how much milk is left or what’s available to cook for dinner might not interest you, there are other features that can benefit all of us. If your refrigerator or freezer provides you with ice and/or water, then it likely has a water filter for this process. Being able to know exactly when this filter needs to be replaced and having another one already ordered will keep that water tasting crisp and prevent weird tasting ice. In addition to a water filter your refrigerator may also have an air filter that helps keep your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer and removing any odors from your fridge without having to use a box of baking soda. Being notified of the time to change these filters not only benefits the things you have stored inside, saving money on wasted food, but also can help your appliances operate at peak performance. If you want to find out more about how your appliances can save you time and effort, then contact the smart team at Appliance World today by visiting our website or calling today!