Simple Ways to Transform Your Kitchen on a Budget

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Tired of your old ho-hum kitchen but don’t have the budget for a completely new remodel? There are so many things you can alter the look of your kitchen without committing to a major investment. Since kitchens tend to be one of the rooms we utilize the most, they tend to need upkeep more frequently.  Check out these clever tips and tricks to amp up your kitchen.


Replace Outdated Appliances– This may seem expensive but you’d be surprised at how many options are available at a discounted rate. Always ask what the most cost effective route would be when replacing your appliances and be sure to compare prices between different brands.


Update Your Hardware– Replacing outdated knobs and facets can help vamp up your kitchen without breaking the bank. It’s also a small detail that can really change the look of any cabinetry. Try looking at online distributors or see if any store in your local area is offering hardware at a discounted price.


Add or Change the Lighting- Changing out light fixtures is another relatively inexpensive step to transform your home as lavishly or minimally as you like. Another great idea is to consider investing in under cabinet lighting, which is a great way to illuminate hard to reach spots and dark corners.


Change Drawers and Add Shelf Liners- Shelf liners not only help protect the integrity of your furniture, but also add a stylish twist to standard pieces. Try utilizing complimentary colors and patterns for a completely different look on a classic piece.


Consider Painting Your Cabinets- Or ditch the doors completely for a modern “visual display” look. Throwing on a fresh coat is a relatively time friendly project and it allows you to customize your kitchen anyway you want. Be sure to take material and staining into consideration as this can affect the overall finish of the paint.


Paint an Accent Wall– This is a super quick way to diversify any area in your home.  Accent walls typically illuminate an area of your home that you want to enhance or draw attention to. Utilize smaller walls or awkward spaces by painting the adjacent wall, and adding a piece of vintage furniture or hanging kitchen accessories for a rustic ambiance.


Replace the Countertop- Although this can be slightly more of an investment, if you are looking for more of a substantial difference in the look of your kitchen this may be your best bet. Opt for surfaces like laminate which generally tend to be less expensive than marble or granite. Make your new countertop the main attraction in your kitchen by adding accent chairs or decorative bowls.


Always keep an eye out for deals and competitive pricing in your area. Go online and do your research, as there are many websites that offer great values with fast delivery time and low shipping rates. You can also try adding an indoor herb garden or plant life to liven up an empty space. There are so many things you can do to make a big difference with a small amount of resources.

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