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Kitchen Islands & Peninsulas

So, you’ve finally taken the plunge and made your dream become a reality, you’ve started designing your new kitchen! Most exciting of all your brand-new kitchen island, allowing for more counter and prep space then you’ve ever thought possible. Not to mention all the storage, keeping the clutter off the counter and out of sight. But this new kitchen workspace provides so many more possibilities than a place to hide your toaster and store pots and pans. Instead of a few extra drawers or cabinets, a kitchen island or peninsula is a great location for some new built-in appliances. Creating a beautiful focal point with a professional-style range occupying much of your island is always a great design choice but doesn’t typically yield the storage and extra counter space you may have been hoping for.


            If you’ve updated the location of your kitchen sink so you can overlook your new open concept and see into your living room, shouldn’t your dishwasher be conveniently nearby? Your water and drain lines are already close so positioning your new dishwasher should be simple. For many who are used to an old, outdated kitchen a dishwasher is an appliance they might not have even used before. Just because you’ve gotten used to life without a dishwasher is no reason to continue to live without one. Your new kitchen is meant to provide a more efficient and comfortable workspace so why waste time soaking and scrubbing dishes the old-fashioned way? Using almost 40% less energy and up to 80% less water, while providing a better clean, a new dishwasher is a must in your new kitchen and the island is a great location. Appliance World sells all leading brands including Bosch, Miele and Kitchen-Aid to pair perfectly with your kitchen suite of appliances. With options for paneling on many leading brands it can even seamlessly blend into your new kitchen cabinetry. For more information about dishwashers please read our dishwasher blog (provide link to other article), visit our website, ApplianceWorld.com, or call our store to speak with a trained professional to find the right dishwasher to make cleaning one less chore in your future.


            Removing clutter from your countertops is a goal with any new kitchen design but that clunky microwave won’t stop staring out you from the dark, dirty corner. Sure, you could try tucking it away in your cabinets or pantry and just lugging it out when you need it but how long will that last before it just lives there permanently? A built-in microwave will never take over your new, beautiful counters and is out of sight and easily accessible. With motorized, smooth gliding drawers, sensors for reheating food and inverter technology you can quickly reheat your cup of coffee or soften ice cream with the press of a button. Many manufacturers actually have their microwaves produced by one brand who has patented the technology, Sharp. However, each brand will have a slightly different look to match the other appliances in your package for a seamless look and are often part of a rebate program when buying several appliances at once. The Appliance World sales team will show you all of the options available to see if a built-in microwave is the right choice for your new kitchen island.


            Refrigeration is another great option when planning around your kitchen island or peninsula. Beverage centers, wine refrigerators, ice-makers and under-counter refrigerators are all great possibilities that will also minimize the amount clutter inside your fridge. With panel ready, stain-less steel or see-thru glass doors almost any look is achievable in your new design. Specialized wine refrigerators not only reduce the amount of light, vibration and humidity that deteriorate the quality of your wine but also hold them at the perfect serving temperatures whenever it's time to open another bottle. Standard under-counter refrigerator drawers are ideal for storing extra drinks and snacks for children or guests, minimizing traffic and keeping your groceries at proper storage temperatures. If you like to entertain often or don’t care for the quality and taste of freezer ice, a dedicated ice maker might be right for you. With many options for shape, size and quality of ice it is best to speak with Appliance World’s trained sales staff to see if an ice maker or other refrigeration is the right fit for your new island or bar.