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Interactive Showrooms: The Appliances are Alive!

            If you’ve already picked out the designer or builder for your new kitchen, you’ve likely visited their showroom to see the quality and style of work they can provide. No matter how well they can describe it or how many pictures they show you, there is nothing like seeing the work for yourself. It helps you better understand the quality and craftsmanship you’re are paying for. For most there is hopefully only one large kitchen renovation project you must tackle in your lifetime and you want it to be done right. Since the quality of your cabinets and countertops is so important to see in person, shouldn’t it be the same with your appliances? Sure, you got to see what the designer had installed in their showroom but maybe that wasn’t the correct size or type of appliance for you.


At Appliance World we have every major brand available and many of them are in our expansive showroom for you to see in person, letting you get the same touch and feel you did for your cabinets and counters. Beyond just being able to open the doors and see the button display we have an interactive showroom where many of these appliances are actually connected to power, letting you see how they truly function. This provides our sales team with the ability to have a greater concept of how these appliances operate, letting us pass that knowledge and education onto our clients, you! Whether you want to see how the lighting and shelving work in your new refrigerator, press the buttons on your microwave, hear (or not hear) how quiet your dishwasher can be, see the powerful gas burners of your new stove or even learn about induction cooktops, it is all possible in Appliance World’s interactive showrooms.

Beyond the rows of refrigerators and ranges, we have many fully functioning kitchens that let us highlight the different features and looks of the many brands available to you. This not only lets you see and use the appliance you might be purchasing but can also provide some great ideas for design choices and styles. While we solely focus on selling just the appliances you need, our kitchens are designed with you in mind as we partner with hundreds of different contractors, designers, builder and architects all throughout Long Island. Many of whom have helped create the beautiful space, letting you see how it could be installed in your kitchen.

More than just a place to see how the appliances can function and look in your kitchen, the best part of Appliance World’s interactive showroom is that we actually use them on a daily basis! When you come to compare refrigerators, you may notice it is full or drinks or food as we love to entertain our staff, trade partners and clients. With chefs on staff we use our ranges and cooktops regularly to give you a fully immersive experience and maybe even enjoy a bite to eat, bottle of water or glass of wine while you shop. This also lets us answer any questions you may have after and before your purchase to ensure you get the full use out of your new appliances instead of having to decipher a user’s manual that is created by lawyers and engineers and might not easily explain how to use your new oven or cooktops’ modes and features. Even our sales staff is fully trained on all of our appliances and they utilize them on a regular basis to make or reheat their lunches.


They will also gladly demonstrate how these appliances work by having you use them or showing how the different models and brands have various features depending on your needs. Maybe you want to see how efficient the knobs and buttons work or how well your burner will simmer or how high the flame can get for boiling and searing. There are even many appliances you might not have considered prior to shopping at Appliance World such as an induction cooktop or steam oven. All of which on are display and live, letting you get more than just an explanation of how these appliances could benefit you but actually experiencing it for yourself. Available 7 days a week you can make an appointment to visit the Appliance World showroom or even try a virtual session as our sales team guides you through our store answering any questions and demonstrating these appliances for you. We are available online, ApplianceWorld.com and by phone, 631-418-1000 to service all of your appliance needs today!