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Dishwashers: To Wash or Not to Wash

No appliance has gone through more changes in recent years than our dishwashers. For some it’s a new questionable appliance you might not trust, for most it’s something you can’t imagine living without. For any new kitchen it should be a necessity. You already put so much effort into preparing, cooking and baking a delicious meal, why go back to work after enjoying the fruits of your labor? You might be used to soaking your dishes and pre-rinsing or washing before loading the dishwasher, only to remove them and still find residue, just to end up washing it in the sink anyway. The days of power-sucking, thunderous, and inefficient dishwashers are no more as demand for more energy efficient and quality products has increased. Even pre-washing your dishes is no longer required as most dishwashers have sensors to determine how dirty they are and detergents you use need enzymes to properly clean.  


            Energy-Star dishwashers are available amongst almost every brand, and don’t come at a cost to the quality of cleanliness. In fact, many dishwashers today will provide better cleaning options than ones you may have used before and better results than hand washing yourself. Enjoying your favorite homemade lasagna or finding dishes left in the sink usually meant soaking them overnight or scrubbing until you’ve destroyed your sponge; but fear wrinkly, wet, worn fingers no more! Not only do today’s Energy-Star dishwashers use up to 40% less energy, they even use less water, sometimes 80% less water than hand-washing your dishes, saving you money on two utility bills, wasting less water and best of all saving you time in front of the kitchen sink. Many of these brands have been manufacturing dishwashers for decades and may have finally found the perfect solution for providing you the cleanest, easiest and most sanitary resolution. For brands like Bosch and Miele their dishwashers have always maintained an Energy-Star rating and they have continued to improve the quality and efficiency of their dishwashers through the years.

            Washing dishes may be therapeutic for some or you may believe no one can clean my dishes better than I do. But truth be told, a quality dishwasher is always a better option for a few reasons. For one, sponges can be some of the dirtiest things in your kitchen. Bacteria will start to build up from the first use and no matter how hot your water or how much soap you squeeze into it, it will always hold onto some of the griminess you are removing from your dishes. The stainless-steel interior of many brands provides the most sanitary washing and drying environment for all of your dishes. No matter how hot the water you can handle, it still isn’t hot enough to truly sanitize and clean your dishes properly. A standard dishwasher typically ranges from 130-150 degrees, and with certain settings as high as 165 degrees. The average flow rate of a standard sink uses over 2 gallons per minute, and typically almost 16 gallons to clean one sink load of dishes. A full dishwashing cycle will often utilize less than 3 gallons of water both efficiently and sanitarily. After washing your dishes, you load them into your dishwasher rack to dry or use a towel, both of which present the opportunity for dust and germs to reinvade your freshly washed dishes. A dishwasher provides a sealed and sanitary place for your dishes to dry instead.


            As far as dishwashers have come is not to say they are don’t have faults. While many provide a quick wash or speed cycle, the standard dishwasher run time my be closer to almost two hours. This is necessary to achieve the Energy-Star efficiency as heating coils often require a lot of power to use. One benefits of not using a heating coil provides you with the ability to clean plastics on both the top and bottom racks. The lack of a heating coil may make it seem harder to dry your dishes, though they use a method called condensation dry that virtually removes all the water from your dishes. Some brands can open at the end of the cycle, so any plastics that might have normally still been wet, no longer are.

For most a dishwasher is loaded throughout the day and is run at night as we sleep or wind down from the day’s activities so the length of washing shouldn’t hinder operation. Another great feature of today’s dishwasher is it’s ability to run a full cycle without creating much noise. Some of the best brands of dishwashers can even achieve an audible rating of around 40 dBA or under, which is virtually silent to the human ear, and they shine a light on the floor or under your counter to indicate when it is in use and finished cleaning. All major brands of dishwashers are available at Appliance World and we often use them in our live showroom due to all the reasons listed above. So when planning your kitchen package make sure to check our website, ApplianceWorld.com or ask our sales professionals about which brand dishwasher is best for your kitchen.