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Coffee Makers: Become your own Barista

Coffee, the lifeblood of America. For many of us it’s impossible to function as a normal human being until we can smell the coffee brewing or get that first sip of liquid gold. To many this means a stop at our favorite local coffee shop or major coffee retailer on our way to work and waiting through the long line of cars or trying to find a spot then wait inside. While these places may have many options and make some of our favorite types of coffee (when they get your order correct) and may only cost a few dollars each visit, those brief coffee pit stops can quickly add up as we may spend anywhere from $1,000-$2000 per person a year on coffee alone. Beyond making those regular visits to grab coffee on our way to work, on the weekends many people will make coffee at home using the very popular k-cups or possibly a drip machine or percolator, which can add more to your coffee costs.


            With this need for coffee in many of our everyday lives, a built-in coffee maker could be a wise investment for something we often purchase regularly without putting much thought into. Many built-in coffee makers, with a regular and simple maintenance process, will provide several years of quality coffee to your entire family. There are several additional features that can make enjoying that daily cup of coffee at home much easier and enjoyable. Many brands grind a fresh batch of beans each time and offer the ability to make many variations including a standard cup of coffee, espresso, cappuccino, lattes and more. Creating multiple profiles for every user in the home lets you pick the strength of your coffee, size, preferred temperature and more, all at the touch of a button or even from your smart phone. With the integration of technology, you can start making that cup of coffee in bed and have it ready by the time you reach your kitchen. Many offices are also a great place to consider for a built-in machine as an extra cup of coffee helps you get through those long stressful workdays.


            Most homes have a countertop coffee maker and box of k-cups or bag of ground coffee that might seem to service your needs but don’t exactly measure up. These coffee makers often last less than 3-5 years as the water lines in them can very quickly become clogged with calcium build up and hard water deposits. If you are using k-cups on a regular basis the almost boiling water is dripped through coffee that is mostly likely ground weeks or months prior and through a plastic container. While this product has only been around for a few years the true long-term effects of drinking this old coffee and melted plastic hasn’t exactly been studied significantly enough. Beyond the possible health effects of using k-cups, the overall taste and quality is just lacking compared to a built-in coffee maker. You may have gotten used to how your coffee taste from these machines, however compared to a freshly ground cup the difference is night and day. Other simpler drip machines or percolators may last longer than other countertop coffee makers due to having less mechanisms but are often designed to make an entire pot of coffee which can be inconvenient when you desire just one cup at that moment.


            It may cost more to invest in a built-in coffee machine however the features and quality of the machines may make it worth the extra expense. For many coffee is how you start your day, while others might also enjoy a cup of coffee at night with dessert, especially when entertaining in your home. Being able to show off your built-in coffee maker with it’s amazing features as it brews a fresh cup for your guests will often excite them. With the ability to adjust the strength of the coffee that cup with dessert won’t keep you or your guests up into the late-night hours with a caffeine jolt. These machines will notify you as the water lines start to build up with calcium deposits and have a very simple process of running a cleaning solution followed by rinsing the lines with water making it ready for use again. Depending on the water hardness in your area will determine how often this process will need to be run, however many machines will notify you as that time starts to get close and to ensure a long life-span of your built-in coffee machine. At Appliance World we have several live built-in coffee machines that we use on a daily basis, providing a freshly ground cup to every client that works through the door, and several cups to our extremely knowledge and helpful staff. Call or visit us today to see if investing in a built-in coffee machine is right for you. ApplianceWorld.com, 631-418-1000.