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Butler’s Pantry & Bar: An Entertainer’s Delight

If you often find yourself as the host of family holidays or just frequently have friends and family at your place for many memorable nights, you should factor this into your design choices. For anyone who likes to entertain there are a few things to consider when planning out your new kitchen. A designer can easily incorporate many features and appliances that will make having guests at your home something you look forward to instead of a chore you dread. While not every kitchen has the room to dedicate an entire closet as a butler’s pantry, a section of cabinetry can be devoted to your entertaining needs as a bar setup.


Creating a space that is closer to your living or dining area, you can easily prepare drinks without leaving your guests and having to roam in and out of your kitchen. Storage is often a struggle in any kitchen, regardless of the size, as people often tend to fill the spaces they occupy. Your kitchen cabinetry should be more focused toward your everyday items such as cooking utensils, drinking glasses, pots, pan, dishes, silverware, food staples, etc. But your other less frequently used items such as serving dishes, linens, finer dishes, cocktail and wine glasses might often find their way into the back of your cabinetry where they can get dirty or damaged. By creating a space dedicated for these items it will make both your day to day typical dinners and those holidays a much easier flow.

With glass front cabinetry you can neatly display your wine glasses, serving platters or fine china and bringing another focal point to your newly renovated space. Depending on the space available to you there are many possibilities in your bar or butler’s pantry setup. If space is not much of an issue you can dedicate an entire small room to all your entertaining needs, and even create a hidden entrance or sliding barn door to keep people out when you are not using the space. Even a small hallway or just a wall between the kitchen and dining or living spaces will provide you with what you need. Make sure to ask your designer for multiple ideas as they have often already created spaces like this for other clients and can provide many great recommendations of how to best utilize your space to it’s fullest potential.


A well-functioning bar or butler’s pantry can provide more then just extra cabinetry. A small sink for making drinks or washing fruit is definitely beneficial instead of using the same sink that holds your dirty dishes. Many good cocktails require more than a quality liquor and mixer, the type of ice can enhance or diminish the taste of your drink. While your freezer may already produce ice, it might not yield enough quickly to make the rounds of drinks you require, and more important the quality of ice is never as good as a dedicated ice maker. Storing water, mixers and other soft drinks with under-counter refrigeration is also a must in any good butler’s pantry or bar. The more frequently you open your refrigerator for these items the harder it must work to keep the rest of your food cold and can shorten the lifespan of fresh fruits and vegetables. By installing under-counter refrigeration with either stainless steel or a cabinetry panel, not only are they conveniently located, but it keeps guests from seeing into your possibly not so neatly organized fridge.

Many of the memorable nights entertaining your friends and family often start and end with one thing, a great bottle of wine. A very popular gift for a host, bottles of wine may often stack up in your house and by the time you crack them open, they may have lost a little of their quality. There are 3 enemies to wine: humidity, vibration and light. A wine refrigerator is designed with all these threats in mind and has features prevent them affecting your wine bottles. Glass fronts let you see into your cooler but are created to stop sunlight from penetrating deeply and having any negative effects. Panel ready or stainless-steel fronts are also available from most brands depending on the type of look you have chosen for your new kitchen. Specialized easy-glide racks with high quality wood prevent any vibration from shaking the bottles and moving around the sediment. Multiple zones for red or white wine with temperature controls not only keep them at serving ready temperatures, but also control the amount of humidity inside the unit.


A butler’s pantry or bar doesn’t have to be completely dedicated to housing all your liquor or wine but is also a great location to consider installing a built-in coffee maker. For many of us it’s almost impossible to start your day without a cup of coffee, or two. Then maybe after an amazing dinner many guests will ask for a cup of coffee to enjoy with their dessert, especially after a day of enjoying libations. A built-in coffee maker can produce an entire pot or easily pump out cup after cup of freshly ground coffee, and you or your guests can enjoy it specifically styled to their liking. These coffee makers often produce less waste then your standard countertop coffee makers without using coffee that was ground weeks prior and poured through a plastic container. They are simple to maintain, have a much better lifespan and the quality of coffee will have you ever wondering why you used k-cups in the first place. At Appliance World we utilize these types of coffee makers daily to keep our staff attentive and working hard for you plus we offer every guest a cup to see how truly amazing they are. To see if any of these appliances will make entertaining your guests more of a treat then a task, please contact the incredibly knowledgeable staff at Appliance World today to see if a butler’s pantry or bar is right for your future kitchen!