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Bosch 2020 Dishwasher Line-Up with Crystal Dry Technology

For decades, Bosch has produced one of the highest quality dishwashers both in features and durability. Their dishwashers are widely known to be almost virtually silent while operating, as well as being incredibly energy efficient in both water and electricity usage. Add that their exceptional cleaning performance, Bosch consistently rates #1 when compared to other brands at similar price points.



All good things aside, the one (and almost only) complaint people have had with Bosch dishwashers is that their drying performance is... well, not great.

Bosch dishwashers are built on a European design which does not use heating elements to dry the dishes, so things like plastics and tupper-ware don’t get completely dry...that is until now!


What is Crystal Dry?



We are really excited to see Bosch incorporate a new drying technology called ‘Crystal Dry’ which can be found on their Benchmark Series and 800 Series dishwashers.

Bosch dishwashers with Crystal Dry will deliver 60% better drying performance than compared to their models without this technology. This means that everything from plates, glasses and now plastics get ‘bone-dry’ in the dishwasher.









How Does Crystal Dry Work?


Without getting too technical, we detail how Bosch’s Crystal Dry technology works below.

If you prefer a visual explanation, below is a great video from Bosch explaining the mechanics of the Crystal Dryer Technology.


At the heart of the Crystal Dry technology is the use of a naturally occurring mineral called Zeolite. One of the beneficial properties of Zeolite is that it absorbs moisture and emits heat.

This natural mineral is stored in a hidden chamber inside the base of the dishwasher; you never see it and never have to replace it during the entire life of the dishwasher.


At the end of the wash cycle, water that remains on the inside of the dishwasher is drawn into the mineral chamber by the use of a fan. The zeolite mineral reacts to the moisture and produces heat up to 176℉ . Then, a second fan pushes that heat back into the dishwasher to evenly distribute warm air across all the dishes.


We have tested out the new Bosch dishwashers with Crystal Dry technology in our own showroom and can tell you that it works exceptionally well. We wash a lot of plastics in our showroom and it’s awesome not having to wipe down the tupper-ware after the cycle is done which we were used to doing.


Just a reminder that this new drying technology is not offered on all Bosch dishwasher models, only the new Benchmark and 800 Series models so be sure to ask about the Crystal Dry feature when you are at the purchasing stage.