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7 Common Laundry Mistakes Most People Make

With laundry, there are many do’s and don’ts. Doing your laundry the correct way helps improve the longevity and appearance of your clothes. Use these seven laundry tips to help you avoid common laundry mistakes.


1. Sorting

Correctly sorting your laundry helps with your clothes’ longevity and your washer and dryer’s lifespan. Sort your clothing according to its color and material. Red and pink clothing go in one laundry pile. Whites are another separate pile. Light-colored clothing, such as pastels, grays, and clothing with light backgrounds and graphics are another pile. Then, the dark pile includes clothing with dark colors, such as black and navy, or clothing with dark background colors with pictures. You also have a heavy-duty laundry pile, which includes jeans and other clothing made from heavy fabrics. It’s a good idea to wash your cleaning items, such as dishcloths and similar items, separately from your clothing, primarily if you use bleach and other items to clean your home.


2. Detergent Placement

Knowing where to place the laundry detergent can be tricky because all washing machines are not the same. There are also different types of detergent, such as powder, liquid, and pods. You can place powder laundry detergent directly in your washing machine’s drum or the correct detergent drawer. Most people prefer to put powder detergent in the drum of their washing machine because it has to dissolve in water before it can begin cleaning your clothes. Liquid laundry detergent and laundry pods can also be put directly into the drum of your washing machine. If you’re washing clothes at a laundry mat, you will notice three separate drawers. The first compartment is for pre-washing for heavily soiled clothing. The second compartment is for detergent, and the third compartment is for fabric softener if you choose to use it.


3. Don’t Misuse Your Dryer

Be kind to your dryer. Overloading your dryer wears out the drum and can knock it off balance, resulting in repairs or needing to replace the dryer. Overloading your dryer also forces it to work harder to dry your clothes, which increases your energy bill. Regardless of the size of your dryer, regularly drying clothes will put normal wear and tear on your dryer. Overloading the dryer causes excessive wear and tear, causing you to repair or replace the dryer sooner.

4. Close Zippers

Leaving the zippers unzipped on your clothing can tear other clothes you’re washing or drying. Closing zippers on clothing also helps you avoid zipper jams and damaged zippers.

5. Don’t Fasten Buttons

Avoid fastening buttons when you’re washing and drying your clothes. As you’re washing clothes, the washing machine puts stress on clothing by turning and spinning the clothes to clean them. When you fasten buttons on clothing, they can break off and destroy the clothing it’s attached to and potentially damage other clothing you have washing or drying.

6. Perform a Bleed Test

A fabric bleed test is a test that determines how much dye fabrics lose when you wash them. To perform a bleed test, put a small piece of fabric in soapy water. Try to mimic the water temperature you usually use to wash clothes. Let the fabric sit for 30 minutes, then check if the water is discolored. If the water is discolored, the fabric can bleed onto other materials. If the water is clear, perform another bleed test and place the fabric on a paper towel to see if the dye bleeds. If the fabric bleeds onto the paper towel, the dye will run off in the wash, so use a product that is designed to prevent fabric bleeds.

7. Don’t Scrub Stains

Avoid scrubbing stains because you’re pushing the stains deeper into the fabric, setting them, making them harder to remove. Use a stain remover before washing clothes to lift the stain and prevent it from ruining your clothing.

These laundry tips will help you preserve your clothing for many years and improve your washer and dryer functions. Happy laundry day!